Server Room

Mechanical whirrs are heard from throughout the complex, but you don't have time to worry about that right now. The construct stands before you, xyzzy.

>x xyzzy

The construct appears to you as an ancient computer, one from the Old Age, a cream-colored CRT Monitor with a cream-colored keyboard in front of it. The tower sits next to the monitor, whirring away. You sense a magical aura connecting this construct to Discord's servers.

Hidden near the back, you spy a device labelled "Stats Display".

A single line is displayed on the monitor, which reads AWAITING INPUT.

>press key

You press a key on the keyboard, and the screen goes blank. The whirring intensifies, as it feels to be coming from all around you. You soon feel a sense of dizziness, before passing out.

xyzzy is a Discord Bot that runs Interactive Fiction games like Zork within Discord's chat, allowing you to play with others or on the go.
>x stats display

A display sits in the back, almost out of view, consisting of boards with printed text and nixie tubes. The whole thing reads:

xyzzy is on 0000 servers with 0000 currently active sessions.

You spot a sticky note in the corner reading "data updated hourly".

There is nothing left;
to be seen;
and nothing left;
to be heard.
All that remains;
is the void that envelops us all.